The main inspirational concepts of the projects we work on at Leonardo Omar Arquitectos are based on pure and recognisable architectural pieces: clean lines, open spaces, careful use of light and shade, ease of use and, above all, the functionality of the design.

Our commitment to sustainability means that we design buildings which, by taking advantage of the surrounding landscape and taking into account factors such as the amount of sunlight, positioning of the finished piece, direction of prevailing winds and the use of local materials in the construction, generate only a fraction of the energy requirements of a standard building.

We offer architecture that is both traditionally Canarian in its adaptation to the landscape, dialogue with the environment and simplicity of forms and materials, and yet at the same time strikingly modern in its design. Above all, we specialise in creating truly functional architecture, where form, function, dialogue and technique converge to achieve results that never fail to impress.

“The landscape of the islands has always been our biggest source of inspiration”

With our architecture, we seek to capture, frame and enjoy both the views towards the mountains and the stark contrasts these make against the Atlantic Ocean. In this way, our architecture fuses so seamlessly with its surroundings that it becomes impossible to understand the final piece as a separate entity.

Our projects blur the boundaries between the interior and exterior spaces, creating a single, continuous living space which, thanks to our island’s unique climate, offers you the freedom to live both outside and within the built space at any given time.

Sustainability, functionality and flexibility of use make up the fundamental part of the philosophy we use in how we approach our projects.

Our studio primarily undertakes architectural and interior design projects in the residential and hospitality sectors, in which we have vast experience.

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